When it comes to fast-action sports, undoubtedly you need specialized photographers to get your event or project properly covered and all those “blink and you’ll miss it” moments captured.



Established in 2014, we’ve photographed under our brand Actiongraphers a wide range of motorsports – rally raid, hard enduro, motocross, superbike, NASCAR, drift, trophy events etc., but offroad rally raid is where we thrive and where we spend the biggest part of the year, travelling between Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

We’re a trusted partner to some of the most popular brands supporting motorsports, such as Red Bull and Monster Energy and every year we complete dozens of projects for them, from whole championships to special events and athlete’s photo shoots.

We’re a long-term partner to multiple media outlets and deliver high-quality editorial content from the event we cover.

Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading photographers in the rally world and trendsetters in motorsport photography.


A short list of our main events this year, among them we’ll have lots of small projects and photo shoots.
This leaves us with very few available dates, so if you’re interested in booking us, get in touch as early as possible.

12-19.03.2023 CARTA RALLY (MOROCCO)
14-17.05.2023 WONDER RALLY (FRANCE)
20-28.05.2023 HELLAS RALLY (GREECE)
03 – 10.06.2023 RALLY ALBANIA (ALBANIA)
12 – 18.10.2023 RALLYE DU MAROC (MOROCCO)

Who do we work for?


If you’re an event organiser, you know how important is the proper coverage of your event. We are specialised in covering motorsport and extreme events from the desert of Saudi Arabia to the icy peaks of Canada.

Sport Teams

If your team is participating in an extreme event and you want to get a dedicated coverage of your team’s performance, get in touch with us. A good coverage brings sponsors and helps the fans experience all these special moments with their favourite athletes.


We work with magazines and other types of media to help them get the best editorial content for their readers. Our photos have been regularly published in various magazines in Europe and USA.


If you’re an event sponsor, we can help you get the right selection of images that puts the focus on your branding or sponsored riders during the event. We’ve been working closely with brands like Monster Energy, Red Bull, Dacia and Nissan to help them get the best shots from their events.


TV Reportage on bTV

Short reportage about our work and recent coverage of Dakar Rally from Tsveti Petrunova in the morning block of bTV.

Interview for Euronews Bulgaria

Interview with us in the studio of Euronews Bulgaria, where we discuss Anton’s photo which won a National Geographic contest and some aspects of our work as sports photographers



What our clients say

Dr. Björn Schulz
It is not often to see the pure soul of a rally and the dynamics of a car being captured in the perfect moment! Yana and Anton live for that moment and can transport it to the spectator with an ease! It is always a pleasure to work with those professional, positively crazy, Bulgarian Photo Enthusiasts!

Dr. Björn Schulz
Martin Kettner
Top photographers with a big heart for motorsports! Incredibly nice and always there where the action happens.

Martin Kettner
Press Chief
 Dolly Wittberger & Renti Sina
"We just love your photos and the way how you capture emotions and the essence of situations. The warmth radiating from the photo with Alex Kovatchev and us during the opening ceremony is exceptional. It captures what the Breslau Balkan is all about – at least for us."

Dolly Wittberger & Renti Sina
4 times Rally Albania winners
Kirsten Landman
It's not often you get to see the masterminds behind the lens of a camera, so I am pleased to know the talented photographers from Actiongraphers who spend the whole day out in the field while we race making sure they find the perfect shot, then in the evening they go back to their hotels and work till late hours editing and making sure we get to see their work and proof of our days work... Without them we wouldn't be able to portray or showcase our sport. Thank you for what you do and for always capturing the moment, I may say it's always picture perfect.

Kirsten Landman
Hard Enduro rider
Red Bull, KTM, Brother

See us at work